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Create your own crowdfunding success with crowdfunding expert Pim Betist.

The crowdfunding expert

Pim Betist is a crowdfunding pioneer and entrepreneur. He was the founder of the first 'reward based' crowdfunding platform worldwide in 2006: the Sellaband platform. After the succes of Sellaband he founded Africa Unsigned, Ready2scale, Voordegroei, Vraaghugo and Ripplestarters. Pim Betist appeared as a crowdfunding expert in multiple television programmes like the Dutch 'De wereld draait door' and on TV channels like CNN and BBC World.

He is also a regular guest on air in radio programmes of BNR and Radio1. Management Team magazine called him one of the 25 most creative people in business. 

Together with the Ripplestarters team, Pim helps entrepreneurs achieve funding for their startup. Ripplestarters developed a 5-step pit lane to help entrepreneurs to pitch, prove, fund, build and grow their idea into an effective business.

Let the crowdfunding experts of Ripplestarters lead you to success.

  • An effective campaign starts with a clear goal

    In a crowdfunding campaign you will engage with large amounts of investors, potential customers or donators. Our support is geared to persuading as many people as possible to invest, donate or back you.

  • The crowdfunding expert

    We learned it the hard way, but why should you? Our knowledge and years of experience with clients like The Ocean Cleanup, iLosts and the Dutch bank ABN Amro makes Ripplestarters the perfect partner for your crowdfunding success. We lead you in every step of the way; from advising and concept development to making an investor memorandum.

When are you Fund_it ready?

To start a new startup or crowdfunding campaign, you need money. Ripplestarters usually doesn't participate in startups or scaleups, but we support and guide you with the realization of funding.

When are you qualified for our Fund_it program?

  • If you can invest €15.000 in your idea;
  • If you need at least €50.000 for the realization of your business;
  • If you have a digital idea;
  • If you make it through the Ripplestarters selection.

Pim Betist | Ripplestarters
Pim Betist


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