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Start your crowdfunding campaign!
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Crowdfunding campaign

The crowdfunding experts of Ripplestarters have guided more than 70 entrepreneurs and creative project owners with concepting, designing and implementing successful crowdfunding campaigns. Do you want to start with a crowdfunding campaign for your proposition? Pitch your plan!

We finetune your concept and proposition, and develop a kickass crowdfunding campaign based on your product knowledge and our crowdfunding knowledge.




    $ 10,9 MILLION



Launch your crowdfunding campaign with our specialists.

  • Tailored crowdfunding advice

    Every company is different and requires a tailored financing approach. In the past years the Ripplestarters team has guided numerous entrepreneurs with financing their concept.

  • Guidance from A to Zero100

    The extensive experience in successful designing and implementing crowdfunding campaigns makes Ripplestarters the perfect crowdfunding specialist. Crowdfunding expert Pim Betist and his team provide you crowdfunding advice, identify your need to create success and guide you throughout the process.

When are you Fund_it ready?

To start a new startup or crowdfunding campaign, you need money. Ripplestarters usually doesn't participate in startups or scaleups, but we support and guide you with the realization of funding.

When are you qualified for our Fund_it program?

  • If you can invest €15.000 in your idea;
  • If you need at least €50.000 for the realization of your business;
  • If you have a digital idea;
  • If you make it through the Ripplestarters selection.

Pim Betist | Ripplestarters
Pim Betist


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