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#Crowdfunding advice

Crowdfunding is a wonderful tool - a group of investors give projects, entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity to grow. A truly effective crowdfunding campaign does require a lot of preparation, and that's something enthusiastic entrepreneurs-to-be often underestimate. The Ripplestarters team has guided more than 70 entrepreneurs and creative project owners in raising a combined amount of over 10 million euros.

We support you every step of the way; from strategic brainstorming, creating and running your crowdfunding campaign to supporting you with the development of your own crowdfunding platform. We have years of experience with clients such as The Ocean Cleanup, iLost and the Dutch bank ABN Amro. We bundled this knowledge and experience into a 5 step pit lane. Find out what we can do for you.

Let Ripplestarters advise you on how to setup the perfect crowdfunding campaign.

  • Advice on your crowdfunding campaign

    Every company is different and requires a tailored financing approach. Over the past decade the Ripplestarters team has guided numerous entrepreneurs towards financing their concepts.

  • Guidance from A to Z

    Our extensive experience in designing and implementing successful crowdfunding campaigns makes Ripplestarters the perfect crowdfunding specialist. Crowdfunding expert Pim Betist and his team provide you with crowdfunding advice, identify your drivers for success and guide you throughout the process.

When are you Fund_it ready?

To start a new startup or crowdfunding campaign, you need money. Ripplestarters usually doesn't participate in startups or scaleups, but we support and guide you with the realization of funding.

When are you qualified for our Fund_it program?

  • If you can invest €15.000 in your idea;
  • If you need at least €50.000 for the realization of your business;
  • If you have a digital idea;
  • If you make it through the Ripplestarters selection.

Pim Betist | Ripplestarters
Pim Betist


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