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#The Ocean Cleanup

The most successful non-profit campaign in crowdfunding history

Crowdfunding can be used for all kinds of purposes; ranging from NGO initiatives to commercial startups. Here we present an example of an NGO project we’ve done with The Ocean Cleanup.

The Ocean Cleanup is a groundbreaking project initiated by Boyan Slat, a young idealist who received the ‘Champions of the Earth’ award from the United Nations in 2014. His philosophy was quite simple: when there’s a mess, clean it up. He developed an idea to build a really, really big floating platform (100 KM wide, 2 M deep) that consists of two V-shaped arms, which collect all the plastic waste in the ocean by using its currents as a conveyor belt. Boyan needed a crowdfunding campaign to fund this bold and daring project. We gladly accepted the challenge (as if we’d say no to this..)

Moreover, there are now 38.000 enthusiastic ambassadors who are often willing to like, share, tweet and retweet posts and updates about The Ocean Cleanup. All of this was realized without spending a single dollar on advertising. Not to mention the tonnes of harmful waste that will be filtered from our oceans. Take that, old economy!

The result

The campaign resulted in worldwide 2,2 million USD funding from 38.000 investors in 160 countries. So far, it is the most successful non-profit campaign in crowdfunding history. Recently The Ocean Cleanup got support from a number of prominent investors. The result: 21.7 million USD in donations. The new round brings the total funding of The Ocean Cleanup since 2013 to 31.5 million USD. Read more about The Ocean Cleanup.

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